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Schechter Alumni Walk: Supporting Israel Hostages

From the moment Schechter students enter our doors, they learn they have the ability and responsibility to use their knowledge, creativity, and skills to give back to our world. Since the horrific events in Israel on October 7th, so many members of our Schechter community have stepped up to support Israel — including our Schechter alumni from throughout the decades. Below, is one more example of Schechter alumni, parents, and parents of alumni living our mission.

Schechter alumni, Mimi Sager Yoskowitz (SSDS ‘89) and Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman (SSDS ‘89) have united, with the help of fellow Schechter parent Karen Nochimowski (pictured with Ellen Nathan (SSDS ’84) and Schechter parent of alumni Lisa Levitas), to organize walks to support and show solidarity with the hostages and their families. The 18-minute walks are part of the global Run4TheirLives initiative, which advocates for the release of the hostages.

The first walk was held at Northbrook Court on Sunday, January 14th, to mark the hostages’ plight on the 100th day of their captivity. News of it spread by word of mouth. “We expected about seven people to attend, and instead over 70 came out to show their support,” said Mimi.

Since then, the walks have continued each Sunday morning in either Deerfield or Northbrook Court, depending on the weather.

Another Run4TheirLives walk takes place each week in Highland Park (see photo), organized by Schechter parent Danielle Pearl.

“We continue to pray that all the hostages will be home soon. Until then, we’ll keep walking,” said Mimi.

For more information or to be added to the What’s APP groups for the walks, contact Mimi or Rebecca.

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