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At Schechter, our educational philosophy expresses what we believe about children and how they learn and grow.

It guides us in all that we do as we ignite our students’ Jewish souls, educate them to their highest ability, and empower them to use their knowledge, skills, and creativity to enrich our world.

We believe…

Children are highly capable and competent

We see each student’s innate capacity and boundless potential. We promote a growth mindset, help students reflect on their learning, grow from their mistakes, and celebrate their successes.

Children thrive when they are a part of a strong, nurturing community

Emphasis is placed on building relationships and providing a safe environment where students can feel comfortable taking risks, both personal and academic.

Children learn in a variety of ways and environments

We support students in reaching their highest potential through differentiated curriculum and instruction, rigorous classroom experiences, as well as intervention support, enrichment, and accelerated learning opportunities.

Learning is about discovery, connections, and applications

Students are actively engaged in their learning – exploring, asking questions, thinking critically, uncovering big ideas and making personal, interpersonal and interdisciplinary connections to content.

Children are social, emotional, spiritual, and ethical beings

Teaching social emotional skills, cultivating students’ moral compasses, and developing their character and connection to Judaism are keys to the Schechter experience.

Assessments help inform instruction and measure student growth

Students are given numerous and authentic opportunities to demonstrate their learning, growth, and progress.

Mission, Vision,
& Core Values

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