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Core Values

In the image of God / Btzelem Elohim / בצלם אלהים Schechter values the uniqueness and worth of every individual. Our school emphasizes respect, dignity, inclusiveness, and compassion. We nurture the health, safety, and well-being of every member of our community.
Responsibility / Achrayut / אחריות As Jews, we are all responsible for one another. This sense of responsibility begins with, and extends beyond, our Schechter community and includes giving tzedakah and improving our world responsibility for, the State of Israel.
Celebration / Simcha / שמחה A Jewish life is a joyous life. Schechter provides a joyful learning environment for children, families, and educators. Jewish holidays and life cycle events are an opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate and experience the richness of Jewish life.
Journey / Masa / מסע Schechter welcomes and partners with parents to encourage and support their children and families throughout their Schechter journey. We also promote a love of learning in our students, and create opportunities for children, parents, families, educators, and volunteers to engage in life-long learning and growth.
Israel / Yisrael / ישראל Through Hebrew language education and immersion in Israeli culture, Schechter personalizes for its students the American Jewish connection to Israel, instilling a passionate, lasting commitment to, and a sense of responsibility for, the State of Israel.
Exemplary / Dugma / דוגמא We are committed to providing an education that weaves the best of general studies and Judaic studies in an integrated program that is the benchmark against which Jewish day school programs are measured. We value the uniqueness and worth of every individual.
Community / Kehillah / קהילה Schechter is a community of students, families, educators, donors, and volunteer leaders who support each other through times of joy and sorrow, forging life-long bonds of friendship based on a shared commitment to each other and to Jewish life and learning.


At Schechter, we ignite our students’ Jewish souls, educate them to their highest potential, and empower them to use their knowledge, skills, and creativity to enrich our world.


Generations of engaged Jewish citizens who make our community and world a better place.

Schechter is affiliated with the Conservative Movement. We embrace and value our diverse community, and our families represent a broad spectrum of religious observance and affiliation.

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