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A Spectacular Seussical

On Sunday and Monday, the cast, stage band and crews of “Seussical” brought the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss to life! Their dedication and passion for the arts were evident throughout the show, flawlessly executed by all involved!

“The experience of this full-scale musical theater production enriches students’ education in the arts by providing them with a forum to publicly demonstrate their skills and achievements in front of peers, teachers, family, and friends.”

— Dr. Lena Kushnir, Head of School

Both performances were nothing short of magical, as students not only showcased their talents but also exuded genuine joy and enthusiasm throughout. From the colorful set design to the vibrant costumes and lively choreography, Schechter’s Seussical was a celebration of creativity, teamwork, the joy of storytelling, and community — with alumni and families heavily involved in the production.

Hear from Schechter parent of alumni, Danny Kahn, who has been accompanying the show for 28 years!

“Twenty-eight years ago, when our daughter Lucy was in 6th grade, I volunteered to “help” with the Sager Middle School Musical, then in its third year. Lucy performed in the show throughout middle school, followed by her brother Richard, who moved between the pit, playing keyboards with me, and the stage.

Fast forward – our kids grew up! Lucy taught for several years at the Gan (kindergarten), retiring temporarily to raise our two wonderful grandchildren. Richard moved through college and graduate school and into the workforce as well. But 28 years later, I’m still accompanying the show!”

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