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Heritage and Education: The Unique Experience of a Jewish School

At Schechter, we believe that education extends far beyond the classroom walls.

 It is an immersive experience that integrates academic excellence with a deep connection to Jewish heritage, creating a unique and enriching environment for our students. Our approach ensures that each student not only excels academically but also grows as a confident and compassionate individual rooted in a strong sense of identity and community.

Embracing Jewish Heritage

One of the cornerstones of a Schechter education is the seamless integration of Jewish heritage and values into our daily curriculum. From the moment our students enter our school, they are immersed in an environment that celebrates Jewish history, traditions, and culture. This begins with morning prayers and continues throughout the day with lessons that incorporate Jewish teachings and values. Our commitment to Jewish heritage is exemplified in our observance of important dates and events. For instance, on Yom Hazikaron, our eighth graders lead the school community in a solemn ceremony to remember the fallen soldiers of Israeli wars and victims of terrorism. This ceremony includes the lowering of the Israeli flag, prayers, and heartfelt tributes, fostering a sense of respect and remembrance among our students. Similarly, on Yom Haatzmaut, we celebrate Israel’s Independence Day with activities that highlight the country’s rich culture and history, instilling pride and joy in our students.

Inclusive and Supportive Environment

At Schechter, we value the uniqueness and worth of every individual and are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment. We welcome students with different abilities and learning profiles, working closely with families to ensure that we can meet each student’s needs. Our partnership with Keshet, an organization for children with special needs, and our innovative integrated Kindergarten program are testaments to our commitment to inclusivity. We are also a safe and accepting space for members of the LGBTQ+ community, providing a supportive environment where students can express themselves freely and authentically. We celebrate diversity and actively embrace Jews of color, ensuring that all students feel valued and included. Our non-discrimination policy in hiring practices further reinforces our dedication to equality and respect for all individuals.

Tailored Instruction and Support

Recognizing that every student learns differently, we tailor our instruction to meet individual needs, abilities, and readiness. Differentiated instruction is at the core of our educational model, supported by a carefully designed schedule that facilitates extensive push-in and pull-out models, leveled classes, and small group learning. This structure allows for both intervention and extension, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to thrive. Our comprehensive student support team includes mental health professionals, special education and ELL teachers, a designated Hebrew teacher for transfer students, Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language Coordinators, and a General Studies Student Growth Coordinator. Together, they work to provide a holistic and supportive educational experience that addresses the academic and emotional needs of our students.

Social-Emotional Learning

At Schechter, social-emotional learning is a fundamental component of our education. Our research-based social-emotional curriculum, integrated with Jewish values, empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to better understand themselves and others. This curriculum helps students manage emotions, demonstrate empathy, establish supportive relationships, and make responsible decisions. We believe that students do well if they can. Through positive relationships, clear expectations, student engagement, and collaborative problem-solving, we position our students for success and help them develop into well-rounded individuals.

Fostering a Sense of Community

Schechter is more than just a school; it is a lifelong community. From the moment students step inside our doors, they are nurtured in a sense of connection and belonging. Daily gatherings in their Kehillah (homeroom) and grade-level activities such as t’fillah (prayer), lunch, recess, and physical education foster a strong sense of community. Our innovative Tribe system further strengthens these bonds by connecting students, faculty, and staff across all grades. This program provides younger students with role models and new friends while giving older students opportunities to develop leadership skills. Celebrating holidays and participating in school-wide events also contribute to a cohesive and supportive school community.


At Schechter, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive education that seamlessly blends academic excellence with Jewish heritage and values. By embracing each student’s individuality and offering tailored educational experiences, we prepare them not only for academic success but also for meaningful, empathetic engagement with the world around them. Our commitment to inclusivity, social-emotional learning, and community-building ensures that every student feels valued, supported, and connected, making Schechter a truly unique and enriching educational experience.

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