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One of the hallmarks of the Sager School curriculum is “specials”—unique courses featuring creative arts, STEM, and more.

In the upper grades, students individualize their experience by electing topics based on their interests.

 7th and 8th grade specials recently received an upgrade: our oldest students can now choose to create and teach their own specials!

Student leaders are responsible for preparing lesson plans and providing introductory instruction for a six-week special under the support and guidance of a faculty specialist.

Based on interest survey results, 6 student-led courses are underway, with new courses after winter break, including Makerspace/Sublimation Printing, Makerspace/Laser Cutting, Board Games, Soundtrap Music Software, and Ceramics. Kol Hakavod to these student teachers!

“In the last rotation, one student volunteered to take over Mrs. Rubinstein’s Innovation Studio special and masterfully taught peers how to use Procreate—a professional-level drawing software for the iPad. I realized that expanding this opportunity could be transformative. We believe it’s critical for 7th-8th graders to have a voice in which specials they take; now they have a voice in what is offered. The specialist team is excited to offer this avenue for students to explore their passions, share what they know, and develop leadership skills.” —Debbie Harris, Director of Educational Technology

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