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Schechter Stands
With Israel ישׂראל

May God give strength to God’s people, may God bless all of God’s people with peace.
י-ה-ו-ה עז, לעמו יתן; י-ה-ו-ה, יברך את-עמוֹ בשׁלוֹם

At Schechter, Israel is a place that many of us call home.

We are honored to welcome many Israeli students and families who are seeking refuge and stability in our community. 

We are offering free tuition for up to three months for these students, and we will gladly work with their families if they choose to stay longer. We are also exploring ways to bring in additional resources and support to ease their transition, including hiring additional teachers, community members, and another English Language Learner teacher. 

There is much that remains uncertain, including the total number of students coming, the extent of their needs, and how long they will stay. Our focus is on putting the right supports in place immediately and continuing to pivot as the situation evolves. While we hope to raise funds to assist with these additional expenses, we are moving ahead with plans to care for these families.

Israel is one of our core values. Each morning, as we welcome our students to school, we say the prayer for the State of Israel, because Israel is part of who we are as a people and as a community.

Our primary focus now, and always, is to ensure that our students can come to school each day knowing that Schechter is a safe place for them to learn, to play, and to engage with their community. We believe in taking care of the whole child and we prioritize their academic, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

As the events in Israel unfold, we are also providing age-appropriate ways for students to make sense of the incomprehensible and express their support and connection to Israel. We know that each student experiences what is happening in a different way. We are here to support them in whatever way they need. In addition to supporting our students, we are also focused on caring for and supporting our faculty and staff, families, parents of alumni, and alumni — especially those who are currently serving in the IDF.

On Sunday, October 16th, the strength of our community was on full display as more than 500 current students, faculty and staff, and their families gathered in the Etta and David Jonas Gymnasium to unite in prayer and song to show support for Israel. Hundreds more attended the program virtually.

We will share more on this page in the weeks ahead. Below you can watch a recording of “Schechter Stands with Israel Solidarity Event.”

“Schechter Stands With Israel” Solidarity Gathering

View Event Photos

Alumni Serving in the IDF

We are proud to recognize the following alumni who are serving in the IDF. If you know of additional alumni, contact Tami Warshawsky.

Eden Kahn

(SSDS ’15)

Ilan Kedar

(SSDS ’05)

Alyse Lichtenfeld

(SSDS ’10)

Yonet Mlotek

(SSDS ’16)

Matt Okner

(SSDS ’17)

Jeffrey Villano

(SSDS ’99)

Tali Yeger

(SSDS ’17)

Sam Eisenberg

(SSDS ’17)

Avi Smoler

(SSDS ’10)

Barak Vaisler

(SSDS ’10)

Noa Vaisler

(SSDS ’17)



JUF opened an Israel Emergency Fund to funnel vital support from our community to the Israeli people. Donate here.
Magen David Adom is supporting paramedics and first responders.
Purchase Israel Bonds here.

We recognize that there are many other worthy charities and encourage supporting them, as well; there are simply too many to be listed here.

Articles identifying ways to help:

Resources for parents talking to kids about the war:


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